Burlesque Musical Set to Debut in 2024


Burlesque Musical to Debut in 2024

While burlesque’s naughtiness thumbed its nose at Victorian notions of femininity, it was also about having fun. Edward E. Rice’s satirical Longfellow spoof Humpty Dumpty ran for over 1,400 performances.

Small-town girl Ali (Aguilera) dreams of bigger things and finds herself in the burlesque lounge owned by Tess (Cher). Her booming voice transforms her into a star.

The Story

Burlesque has had two lives – one as a bawdy form of theatrical satire, the other as the seductive art of striptease. The latter life was more successful, bringing the genre to the mainstream and setting it on its path of glitzy, alluring entertainment.

In the new stage adaptation, Ali (Christina Aguilera) leaves her troubled past behind when she lands a job as a cocktail waitress at the Burlesque Lounge, an aging theater where an inspired musical revue is put on by Tess, the club’s proprietor. With help from a savvy stage manager and gender-bending host, she rises through the ranks to star on stage herself.

The Broadway production is directed and choreographed by Nick Winston with music and lyrics by Christina Aguilera, Sia, Diane Warren and Todrick Hall. It is produced by Adam Paulden, Sue Gilad and Larry Rogowsky with Steven Antin and Christina Aguilera serving as executive producers. It is based on the 2010 film of the same name and its jazz-inspired soundtrack.

Music and Lyrics

Grammy winner Christina Aguilera is executive producing a stage adaptation of the crowd-pleasing movie Burlesque. The musical, written by Steven Antin, will include songs from the film penned by Aguilera, Sia and Diane Warren as well as new tunes by Todrick Hall and Jess Foley. It’s expected to debut in the United Kingdom sometime in 2024.

Classical burlesque was a form of theatre satire with roots in ancient Greece and all over Europe. Writers such as Aristophanes created ribald comedies mocking the celebrities of his time.

These shows were designed to entertain and titillate, not offend. Generally, the female performers were dressed in costumes and the performances were slapstick and gender-bending, not graphic.


If you’re a singer, dancer or performer with the rhythm and skills to make an impact in burlesque or musical theatre, this is your opportunity to get booked.

If you’re not an expert at either, you can still audition for a spot in a show by providing the producers with a sample of your work to be evaluated on its own. It helps to have a strong social media presence where you can promote your work and attract booking opportunities.

Grammy winner Christina Aguilera will executive produce a stage adaptation of her 2010 movie Burlesque, reports EW. The production will be written by the film’s director, Steven Antin, with additional material from Kate Wetherhead and music and lyrics by Aguilera, Sia, Diane Warren, Todrick Hall and Jess Foley. It is expected to premiere in the U.K. next summer.

Production Details

The stage adaptation of Steven Antin’s 2010 movie Burlesque is slated to premiere next summer in Manchester. Christina Aguilera, who starred in the film, is executive producing the show and also wrote music and lyrics alongside Sia, Diane Warren, Todrick Hall and Jess Folley. The book is written by Antin and Kate Wetherhead.

The musical version will reportedly feature songs that were originally written for the film, as well as new ones by Aguilera and other artists. The production will be directed and choreographed by Nick Winston.

The story centers on a small-town girl with big dreams named Ali, who goes to Los Angeles and takes a waitress job at the struggling Burlesque lounge owned by Tess. There she meets a group of misfits, dreamers and schemers who change her life forever. It stars Christina Aguilera, Cher, Kristen Bell and Cam Gigandet, with Stanley Tucci and Julianne Hough serving as supporting players. The original movie was a crowd-pleasing success and received mostly positive reviews.

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