Where to Watch The Best Cabaret Shows?

There are many Cabaret shows that you can watch worldwide that provides a lot of excellent entertainment for your dollar. Here are some of the best shows worldwide that you might enjoy going to see.


Moulin Rouge

This is perhaps the most well-known cabaret in the world and a movie has been made out of it. The famous can-can girls also got their start here. This plays in Paris France and is a very popular show. If you’re interested in cabaret shows, you must see the Moulin Rouge. The building where it plays opened in 1889.

The Crazy Horse

This cabaret is far more risqué than Mouline Rouge and while it’s not quite like a live sex show, you will get a lot of nudity. If you love the female body, you’ll enjoy this show which offers a French version of the “striptease.” These shows are very well choreographed and professional so you’re sure to enjoy all of the entertainment offered.

The Lido

On the Champs Elysees in France, you’ll find this show. It uses many high tech techniques to put on a  top-notch show for you. It serves very good food made by a professional chef and this is the largest cabaret you’ll find in France with great entertainment.

Metropolitan Room

If you’re in New York, check out the Metropolitan room especially if you like Jazz and old-style cabaret as this is a great place to take in this sort of show. You will find some of the best jazz acts in the country at this venue.

Casa Rosso

If you want a more intense cabaret experience, try the Casa Rosso in Amsterdam which offers you a live sex show. You can get dinner as well as drinks in this lounge as you take in the show. This place is found in the famous Red Light District of the area. This is considered to be the oldest sex theatre in the Amsterdam area and it’s cleaner as well as larger than some of the other shows. It’s friendly to couples as well as women so everyone is welcome to come and see the show here. It’s a great place for a bachelorette or bachelor party.


These are just some of the places to catch some good cabaret. Some venues also offer nudity or even sex acts so you can definitely find a show that appeals to your individual tastes.